Nordstrom Rack “Back To School” – Commercial

I was the lead compositor for this Nordstrom Rack commercial created at Hornet.

The Process

First, I converted the raw footage selects with Redcine and used After Effects’ PriMatte to key the footage.

I did preliminary cleanup and created pre-renders of the mattes for quicker workflow later on.

Next, I sequenced the footage and brought in the 3D passes of the background and various doors. I also brought in the various 2D drawn animation to overlay.

I color corrected the characters to reflect each color of room, as well as keyframed fake shadows using the Real Shadows plugin.

For stabilizing the pixelation footage, I first did a pass making sure each selected frame of the character was aligned throughout. I then smoothed it out further by slightly warping jarring frames creatively using the puppet tool.

Compositing 2D animation
Compositing 3D passes
Footage Pixelation & Stabilization
Color Correction

Director: Arman Matin
Produced by: Hornet Inc