Working at MTV!

I was winding up my New York City vacation, when I spontaneously worked one day at MTV. My friend from NYU and amazing producer, Anu Valia, brought me in to finish up this action movie trailer spoof. Check it out below. Literally every time I see Anu act, she gets funnier and funnier.

I composited a few shots (matrix computer screen, rocks falling from the sky, and Anu’s head into an astraunaut stock footage) and did some quick color correction.

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It’s got everything you would expect to see nowadays: a female protagonist “to shake things up,” co-starring “some guy you never heard of,” plus a cameo appearance made by “an actor you thought was dead,” as well as a ton of scenes that aren’t even in the movie.

So, we can talk about the greatest action and rom-com movie trailers of the past year — or we can watch these parodies and get the gist of the point. Hey, it’s what you do!