About A little about the past, present, and future.

Joanna is a visual artist specializing in design, motion, and compositing. She has advanced technical skills in a variety of industry standard software, as well as experience ranging from commercials to larger-than-life billboards.

With a film background, she is able to carryout a project through all stages of the production pipeline. She journeyed from the deserts of Arizona to attend New York University Tisch’s film program, where she created animated shorts and directed two short films. She has worked for over a dozen production companies in New York City to varying degrees, most notably Launch, Hornet, and Spot Creative.

She aspires to be a professional creative director on visually dynamic work in which live action is enhanced by the endless creativity that animation and visual effects have to offer.

When she is not animating, she can beat out a table at poker, play this song on the piano, and regularly enjoys her favorite brand of dark chocolate.